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Today, I’d like to introduce a Cryptocurrency that’s only known to Japanese people.

It’s called ‘AIzen(XAZ)’. But before introducing this, I’m going to introduce myself because you wouldn’t trust some random person telling you that this is a good Cryptocurrency would you? Haha.

Ryohei’s Profile

ryoheis profile

I’m Ryohei Watanabe, 31 years old.

Currently single and looking for a girlfriend.

I’m ‘purely’ Japanese and live in a city called Hakata in Fukuoka Prefecture which is towards the southern area of Japan.

Fukuoka Prefecture is a great place for delicious food.

Traditional food like motsu nabe (giblet hotpot), tonkotsu ramen (pork bone broth noodles) and food stalls etc. can be enjoyed here, and it’s all so cheap!

I think the food was what made me decide to move to Fukuoka. There are also hot springs here too.

Many international flights fly into Fukuoka Airport, so you should come visit some time. I’d love to welcome you.

They fly in from countries like Guam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh and Manilla. Oh, and the other great thing about Fukuoka Airport is that it’s only a 5-minute train ride to/from the city where it’s all happening! I think you’ll be surprised that the airport is right in the middle of the city.

So in this great city, I live as an investor in stocks and cryptocurrency.

You might find it strange that I’m single at 31, but it’s because I got divorced last year. That’s when I moved over here to Fukuoka on my own.

Before moving here, I lived right behind the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome. I’m sure many of you have been sightseeing there.

Sorry, my introduction got a bit long.

The reason why I’ve decided to share so much about myself is because I really want you to know that I’m not writing this post to deceive or con you.

As you can see, I’m just a regular investor living in Japan. I was working as an employee at a company until last year too.

I’m also a bit of a blogger in Japan too.

Anyway! Now that I’ve finished introducing myself, I’d like to move onto introducing AIzen.

This is honestly a coin that’s only known in Japan, so I can confidently say that now is the chance.

Basic Information of AIzen

aizen xaz symbol
  • ERC-223 Token
  • Maximum Supply: 50,000,000,000 coins (50 billion)
  • Total number issued within ICO period: 20,000,000,000 coins (20 billion)
  • The Roadmap is as the picture shows
  • The official wallet (Open Trinity Wallet) was released in June 2018.
  • The whitepaper is planned to be released prior to the ICO.
  • The website has been launched, and information on the website should be completed prior to the ICO too. A concept movie is also being planned to be released (https://aizenholdings.io/).
  • It will be listed in May 2019
  • aizen chart road map

What’s the Purpose of AIzen?

aizen logo buy
What’s the Purpose of AIzen?

The main and final objective is ‘to solve poverty in Africa and around the world’.

To put it simply, AIzen is attempting to replicate the way countries like the Philippines and Malaysia achieved high economic growth.

They are currently in the process of negotiating a contract with an African bank.

AIzen comes from 2 Japanese words ‘ai’ and ‘zen’. ‘Ai’ means ‘love’ and ‘zen’ means ‘virtue’ or ‘goodness’.

However, their ambition and goals are large, so it might take some time for them to get there. In the meantime, they’ll start with services and actions that can be implemented or completed first.

1. Issue a payment card
2. Enter the lottery market, the casino market and game market
3. Enter the online payment market

Why Should You Buy AIzen?

Why Should I Buy AIzen?

1. A contract with ‘HB Wallet’, the third most used wallet in the world has been finalized! This is amazing because bacoor ltd, the company which developed HB Wallet, was chosen as one of the top 10 blockchain related enterprises in the world by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine.(https://www.apacciooutlook.com/)

2. A MasterCard will be issued soon because the contract with a large payment company has already been signed! It’s amazing that products are being created in the real world. If you purchase over 3,000,000 JPY, the card will be issued for free.

3. A contract with an online payment company has been finalized!

4. Listing has already been confirmed on exchanges in USA, Hong Kong and Singapore! (For confidentiality reasons, the places where they will be listed are currently not being released.)

5. They will enter the lottery market! The use of AIzen to purchase lottery has already been confirmed, and a contract has been signed with a large corporation. This corporation has decided to announce that they have signed a contract with AIzen too. Similarly, AIzen are making progress in finalizing contracts with casinos.

This lottery can also be bought with ETH, but even if a purchase is made with ETH, the program recognizes it as an AIzen purchase. Isn’t that amazing?

dasinoonline aizen

6. AIzen has already signed a contract with an online casino in England. As you might already know, markets for casinos on land are about $ 7 billion, and the market for online casinos in all of Europe is about $ 50 billion. In addition, there’s a bit of incentive for people to use AIzen because if people purchase game chips with AIzen, they can get more chips than when they pay with cash/dollars. So I suppose a lot of people are going to bet at the casino using AIzen!

7. In Japan, it’s confirmed that AIzen will be picked up in the biggest cryptocurrency magazine ‘Monthly Cryptocurrency’. The reason why AIzen is in the spotlight is because
“There has been over 20,000 purchasers and over 1.7 billion yen that has been acquired even before the ICO, and this is unheard of in Japan.”

unblock party

8. A marketing firm in the Philippines called Xin Marketing are holding a large-scale event called ‘UNBLOCK PARTY’ on the 15th of December 2018, and they are going to cover the AIzen project. The creator of AIzen will be up on the podium, and the whole event will be broadcasted live in the rest of the world. You’re probably wondering how it’s going to be portrayed or how many types of coins XIN Marketing plan to cover in the event, right? It’s probably quicker for you to take a look at the website. (https://unblock.news/unblockparty/)

9. AIzen has announced that they will perform a price intervention after it has been listed. A price intervention is the process of the company making purchases of the coin if the price goes down. By doing this, it stops the price from lowering any further.

why buy aizen

10. The current selling price for the 4th presale is 1 JPY. For the ICO, it’s planned to be 2 JPY, so it’s half price!

They aim for it to start at around 10 JPY at the time of listing, and they will continuously announce news about the finalization of contracts, so they anticipate the price rising to around 100 JPY – 300 JPY. The founder has stated that 100 JPY is absolutely possible.

It’s common knowledge that Cardano (ADA) intervened on the price.

Don’t you think that the road to rising prices is similar to that of Cardano?

What’s the Merit for Me Introducing AIzen to you?

What’s the Merit for Me?

To be honest, for whatever you purchase, I’ll be given a commission of 10% of that. Of course you can participate in this affiliate too.

The reward will change between 8 – 25% depending on the sales amount, and it will be paid into your TrinityWallet in ETH.

I do think this is small detail though.

I’m actually more concerned about spreading AIzen and getting others to know about it.

Japanese people aren’t great at marketing. They haven’t prepared English documents even though it’s a great cryptocurrency!

Feel free to say hi to me on Telegram! I’d be happy to respond.

telegram aizen

Join Telegram

But the only unfortunate thing is that my English isn’t great. I really regret staying in Japan and not studying more. That’s why I’ve asked a professional to translate this post for me too.

I’ll be heavily relying on Google Translate for any chats, but I’ll try my best to answer any questions you have!

How Can You Purchase AIzen?

How Can I Purchase AIzen?

So you feel like making a purchase now??

If you do, click on the link here

Buy AIzen

You can pay with BTC, ETH or XRP.

1 share is 30,000 JPY, so it’s a bit unique.

If you don’t understand how to purchase, have a look at this link.
How to open TrinityWallet.
How to buy AIzen with Crypto Currency.

You have until 31st January 2019 to buy AIzen at half the price of ICO, but AIzen haven’t been informing people of how many AIzen coins are left. So once all the coins have sold out, they’ll cease selling like they’ve been doing in the past. This means that coins could sell out any minute without any warning! If you’re considering making a purchase, my advice is for you to at least open a TrinityWallet account.


I completely understand that you might not be too keen to buy a suspicious currency even before the release of the Whitepaper.

I do want you to know that the contracts that have been made with large corporations is real and truthful though.

Are you worried that the founder will flee with the funds?

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. The founder bought 10,000,000 JPY worth of XRP when it was 0.2 JPY, so his fortune is worth over 4,000,000,000 JPY now. He also runs a FX company, so he’s got enough money to live for a few hundred years as it is.

It will be in Japanese, but I’m happy to pass on any information about AIzen too.

Why am I offering to do so much you ask?

There’s that old saying ‘first come first served’ right?

I pride myself in being at the front line regarding AIzen. I probably have more than 20 times more information than what I’ve been able to write today.

I participated in seminars and had a chat to the founder of AIzen at a café.

The founder said that I could advertise it in any way I want and left it up to me to decide. And I thought that it’d be a shame if the pre-sale is only enjoyed in Japan, so I decided to go ahead with this post.

If you can think of any better ways to advertise this, please let me know!

I hope I hear from some of you soon.

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